Saturday, March 22, 2014


It was a nice welcome home for the Crush as they recover from back to back loses on the road with a convincing 132-96 win on Canadian soil. After a disappointing road trip in Phoenix the Calgary Crush returned home with a purpose as the Panthers became the prey on a cold basketball night Calgary.

The Crush pressure D proved to be too much for Lakewood as a strong full court press disrupted and trapped the Panthers in the half court. The Crush took control on the defensive end filling the passing lanes and snatching anything without purpose. The Crush finished with a staggering 21 steals and led the Panthers from the opening tip.

The Crush offense was also on point Friday night as 7 players finished in double figures and every man had ink on the score sheet. Joseph Atangana led the Crush once again with a strong game on both ends finishing with 21 points and 11 boards. Jarrett Hart matched Atangana with 21 while grabbing 5 rebounds and adding 4 assists. 

The Crush look to end the regular season with another strong win on Saturday night as they face a second Panther attack. Support Calgary basketball and join Crush Nation!


Sunday, February 2, 2014


The Crush capped a great basketball weekend in Calgary with a dominating performance on Sunday afternoon taking down the Panthers 135-81. The Crush backed up a strong showing on Saturday night with continued intensity and ball pressure to sweep the 2 game series.

The Crush continued to press the Panthers in the 1st quarter to take an early 24-6 lead. Lakewood could not find a flow on offense from the opening tip and the Crush took advantage. With a coordinated attack in the full court and a trapping zone in the second half the Panthers will make the trip home underneath a gentle purr.

With an average margin of victory of 46 points in the 2 game series, the Crush proved to the rest of the ABA that playing north of the boarder isn't a pleasant trip. Tyler Fidler had another stellar performance on Super Bowl Sunday putting on his own show scoring 30 points and grabbing 13 rebounds.

Jarrett Hart finished with a double double scoring 14 with 10 boards. Joseph Atangana continued his dominance on the glass and above the rim with a couple of monster dunks that had the crowd jumping from their seats. Atangana finished with 16 points and 9 boards to go along with an electrifying dunk on the break that had visions of a young Dominique.

The Crush head back on the road for another 2 game series in Arizona on March 1 before heading back to Calgary to finish up their regular season. Stay tuned for details. Join Calgary's basketball revolution and become a member of Crush Nation!



The Calgary Crush returned home after a 2 game road trip to take down the Panthers 128-90. With a spirited crowd filling the seats on Saturday night the Crush turned up the heat on both ends of the court.

With a slight halftime lead the Crush busted out of the gates in the 3rd quarter to take a commanding 22 point lead heading into the 4th quarter. From the opening tip it was clear that Coach Richardson had a game plan to attack and intimidate the Panthers into submission.

With a trapping full court press on display the entire game, the Panthers could not find a flow on offense. The Crush forced the Panthers to play an up-tempo style that seemed to confuse and cage the Panthers in the half court.

They accomplished this take down with a remarkable 21 steals to silence any attack from a tame Panther squad. The Crush had 6 players in double digit scoring as Joseph Atangana led the way with 20 points and 15 rebounds.

Tyler Fidler had a great game in his home debut this season with 16 points, 12 rebounds and 5 steals. Riad and Upshaw also chipped in with 18 points a piece in the victory. Will Causey finished with a strong 30 point performance for the Panthers while hitting 5 shots from deep.

The Crush take on Lakewood Sunday at noon in the second game of this 2 game series. Start your Supper Bowl party early with a little taste from Crush Nation!


Monday, December 16, 2013



OPENING WEEKEND WINNER: Tony Norman @bones1701  Give me the ball!
Prize: 4 tickets to Feb 1 game vs. Lakewood

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Saturday, December 14, 2013


The Calgary Crush suffer a tough 92-79 loss to the Scorpions on Saturday night and fall to 3-1 on the season. The Scorpions came out of the gate with something to prove as they turned up the pressure on the defensive end early in the 1st quarter. The Crush found energy late in the second half and led 58-54 but could not pull out a victory in the final minutes.

After a dominating presence in the paint Friday night the Crush took a sting down low as the Scorpions big men had a nice showing on the block. Dan McClintock finished with 19 points and 8 boards while Gabbidon and Shipp had 25 and 21 respectively.

Joseph Atangana continued to led the Crush with another inspiring performance knocking down 15 points and snagging 7 boards to go along with a spectacular one handed dunk in the 1st quarter. Joseph looks like he is on a mission early this season and his game face writes the storyline. 

The Crush also had a great game from new addition Tbear Upshaw who finished with 15 points while going 4 of 6 from deep. Coach Richardson called a great game while urging his squad to push the
ball early to minimize the aggressive on the ball defense from a motivated Arizona attack.

Coach pleaded for more energy and intensity and the Crush bench answered the call in the second half only to fall short late in the 4th quarter. With only the second loss in 2 years the Crush will now have to find a way to come together as they move forward in 2014.

A loss may be the best medicine for this newly formed Crush team as they try and take the number 1 spot in the ABA Power Rankings. The Crush will now go on the road to Seattle in January to prove to the ABA that Canadian's can not only take a hit but get off the mat with fury!



The Crush sting the Scorpions late in the 4th quarter for their 3rd straight victory to start the season. In a low scoring affair Friday night the Crush battled through a late push from Arizona to secure an 80-72 victory and a perfect start to their second campaign.

Tbear Upshaw introduced himself to Crush Nation with a stellar performance in the 4th quarter. Upshaw scored 9 straight points in the final minutes including back to back 3's to put the game out of reach and silence a late Scorpion attack.

Joseph Atangana and Jermaine Campbell had monster nights on the glass. Atangana finished with 17 rebounds and 17 points while Campbell had 17 boards to go along with 8 points. Jarrett Hart also chipped in with 13 points, 7 rebounds and 5 dimes for another solid performance in his 3rd game with the Crush.

The Crush took the sting out of a strong Scorpion attack early with a nice balance of full court pressure and another high flying display above the rim from Atangana. Arizona had nice games from  McClintock and Gabbidon but an energetic Crush squad showed much needed intensity on both sides of the ball Friday night.

The Crush are starting to find their identity moving forward and will need to continue playing with the same venomous intensity as they hunt for that perfect season. This concentrated emotion and fierce energy on the court will prove to be the piece that brings this team together as they continue executing as one unit. 

The Crush Dance Team also came to play Friday night with a debut performance that quickly turned up the temperature for Crush Nation. The Crush will take on the Scorpions once again Saturday night as they look to stay undefeated and grab a top 5 spot in the ABA power rankings.


Friday, December 13, 2013


Keenan Milburn may be one of the youngest members of the Calgary Crush but his basketball journey is not a story of limitations it's a tale of triumph. The Crush is comprised of the best basketball players the City of Calgary has to offer and may boast the deepest bench in the American Basketball Association. A big part of this 14 man roster is a young man who would never take no for an answer and has transformed his game into a perfect portrait of a small town hero.

Royston, with a population of around 1200 is where Keenan developed his passion for hoops. If it was battling his older brothers for bragging rights or soaking up knowledge from his father's Sunday Rec League, Keenan quickly developed his affection for the game. With a family hungry to share their love for the game Keenan could feel a passion and warmth for the sport well before he slipped on his first uniform.

Although Keenan did not receive many invitations to pursue basketball after high school he did not give up on his goal of playing professional basketball. His two older brothers Dalton and John never had the opportunity to play university basketball. Keenan's passion and ambition to pursue his dreams would be fueled by the fallen dreams of his lifelong teammates. My brother told me not to miss my opportunity and if you get the chance take it, said Keenan.

Keenan would soon get his chance to show his skillfulness and intelligence for the game when he received an offer to attend SAIT. With the support of his entire family Keenan decide to seize his opportunity to prove he can succeed at the next level. His parents who would never miss a game in high school were now excited to travel to support their starting guard. Calgary may have been a new city but Keenan could sense his dream was within his grasp. He went on to start every game in his rookie season at SAIT and would be named rookie of the year.

Keenan understood the value of labour and would constantly ask his coaches what he needed to do to succeed and accomplish his goals. I would talk to my coach and ask him what I can do to get better and what I can do in the summer to improve my game," stated Keenan. "They were amazed that whatever they said I would try to perfect." Keenan would play his final two years at the University of Calgary before joining the Calgary Crush in 2012. I put in a lot of hard work to get were I am today," said Keenan. "I only had one window of opportunity every time I was stepping up."
Keenan now has the opportunity to play professional basketball in the ABA and has become an integral part in the success of the Calgary Crush. The greatest asset the Crush bring on a nightly basis is a strong and well balanced attack. Keenan's contribution off the bench has help lead the Crush to a perfect 14-0 record with visions of a Round 2 victory in the First Annual Canada vs US Playoff Series. With a solid shooting touch and steady fundamentals you can tell he is a coach's son. His mild manner attitude on and off the court is only a glimpse into the true competitiveness and composure that lives within this small town kid unwilling to succumb to limitations.
His father Kent has been a big influence on Keenan's dominance on the basketball court and has been coaching his son since he was old enough to crawl to the hoop. He was not only Keenan's coach in Elementary and Middle school but has been a guiding voice and mentor for Keenan throughout his basketball career. I might give him a hard time but I will always listen to what he has to say and try to use his advice, said Keenan. "I can't thank him enough."

Keenan has not only taken his father's advice but is now following in his foot steps. Keenan has recently become an assistant coach at SAIT and has the opportunity to continue his father's example and create hope for young players chasing a dream. I love being around a team and being around younger guys and watching them grow. said Keenan. He now has a new stage and a new challenge to pursue as he helps mold and develop a growing basketball community in Calgary.

At the age of 23 Keenan's basketball journey is far from over. He has dreams of playing professional basketball overseas and would relish the opportunity to prove himself one more time. "I would love to play overseas," stated Keenan. "Even if it was just for one year I would love the chance." For now Keenan will continue to prove his skills on the basketball court in Calgary and guide a Crush team into a new era of basketball. Keenan's journey may have found a home in Calgary but the dreams of a small town kid will live on as he finds his next challenge and begins to write his next chapter.




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